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French fisherman warns of ‘never-ending war’ with Jersey

From the end of April new post-Brexit rules will block access to those French vessels unable to prove a historic connection with the waters. However Jersey islanders report French ships are “making hay while the sun shines” before the new rules come into effect by dredging the sea floor in the hunt for scallops.

Speaking to The Times Don Thompson, president of the Jersey Fishermen’s Association, claimed the area was being targeted by French boats up to 65ft long using “industrial fishing methods”.

He added: “The heavy gear used by those big powerful boats just wrecks the group, there’s no two ways about it.

“That’s industrial fishing and it’s unsustainable fishing.

“Those are the scallop stocks that our fishermen will rely on for the future and they are being absolutely decimated.

“All that is being done under the amnesty provided just to appease the French by our own Government. It really is making fishermen very angry.”

Britain used to be part of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy giving European fishing boats extensive access to UK waters.

Jersey fishermen are complaining about French vessels (Image: GETTY)

Under the trade deal agreed by Boris Johnson the EU’s share of the catch from British waters will fall by 25 percent in stages over the next five years.

After this the UK will in theory be able to completely exclude European boats but this would risk retaliatory tariffs on British goods.

Local photographer David Ferguson, who has been picturing the French boats, branded the current fishing unsustainable.

Describing his work he said: “It was more of an exercise in seeing how large these vessels were in comparison to our local fleet.

“It’s a well-known fact that continuous dredging will completely decimate the ocean floor and the breeding grounds that go with it.

“There simply has to be a better way of managing fisheries with our EU colleagues in and around our islands.”


Parts of the fishing community campaigned passionately for Brexit (Image: GETTY)

5.32am update:  Success for Gibraltar! UK vaccine victory as Brexit tensions on the Rock finally ‘eased’

GIBRALTAR is heading towards full vaccination coverage thanks to UK help as the programme is reportedly « easing » Brexit tensions within the Rock.

Around 95 percent of the Gibraltar population has received their first vaccine with all elderly groups given their two jabs.

As the programme now targets younger people, analysts suggest that tensions between the Rock and the UK over Brexit have “eased” in light of the successful rollout.

Spaniards working in the area have also been offered coronavirus jabs as they praise the speedy programme that would have taken months to do in their home country.

4.00am update:  Britain is starting to thrive freed from EU shackles and Brussels is terrified

THE past two weeks have continued to show the world the true colours of the European Union, with the continuation of threats over vaccine export bans by the EU Commission. However, this pales in comparison to the EU’s desperation to try and blame others for their own failings.

Italian police raided a vaccine storage facility which housed millions of vaccines last week, claiming they were stockpiling doses to be sent to the UK.

The reality was different though, as what they found was vaccines labelled for EU Member States – and some were even destined for export to developing countries for free.

None were destined for the UK. This level of delusion and willingness to try and embarrass pharmaceutical companies some of which have produced these vaccines on a non-profit-making basis – and to try and humiliate the UK has somehow got even worse.

3.00am update:  Boris ‘rules out adding France’ and other European countries to UK’s ‘red list’

BORIS Johnson will for now not add France and other European countries to the UK’s « red list » travel ban, keeping holidaymaker hopes alive of summer trips abroad, according to reports.

However, the Prime Minister is likely to state on Easter Monday that it is still too early to say whether tourists can resume travel to popular destinations across Europe from May 17.

Government and industry sources believe a major resumption of foreign travel will only happen in July or August. A Number 10 source told the Daily Telegraph: « You only have to look at the situation in France and Italy to realise holidays in the near future are not going to be possible. »

1.53am update: ‘Obsessed’ Rejoiner sparks row by comparing piles of rubbish with Leave voters and Brexit

A FERVENT EU supporter triggered a furious online row by comparing a field full of rubbish to Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

The comparison was made by Professor AC Grayling, a passionate opponent of Brexit who is campaigning for the UK to re-join the EU. On Tuesday thousands gathered in parks around Britain to celebrate the partial easing of lockdown restrictions and enjoy the warm weather.

However, in some towns revellers did not abide by social distancing guidelines or obey the rule of six.

Horrified Twitter users posted videos on parks around the nation strewn with rubbish following the events.

One, by Sheffield Telegraph editor Ellen Beardmore, shows beer cans and bottles spread across the city’s Endcliffe Park.

In response, Professor Grayling commented: “Something about the connection between this picture and Brexit, on several levels – the people, the consequences, brings one close to despair.”

12.49am update:  Northern Ireland tells Joe Biden’s team what’s really happening with NI Protocol

NORTHERN IRELAND’S agriculture minister has raised concerns over the NI Protocol to US President Joe Biden.

The protocol was agreed by the EU and UK during the Brexit negotiations in a bid to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland. It was designed to keep trade flowing smoothly on the island and to avoid a hard border and checkpoints.

Under the agreement signed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brussels, Northern Ireland remained part of the EU’s Single Market.

But Stormont’s Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots – a vocal critic of the protocol – has held talks with acting US consul general in Belfast Bryan Wockley to discuss the post-Brexit trading arrangements.

Mr Poots said: « I highlighted the concerns I am hearing from businesses about the impact the protocol is having and stressed that NI’s agri-food sector continues to be disproportionately affected.

« We need permanent solutions to the issues and I will continue to push the UK Government and EU to make sure that Northern Ireland’s businesses and people are not disadvantaged. »

11.00pm  update:  Brexit: UK ‘risks falling behind’ EU on workers’ rights

The UK is at a « real risk » of falling behind the EU when it comes to workers’ rights, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) says.

The union body said the EU had « various initiatives » in the pipeline which would improve standards once they became law, the BBC reports.

But it said the UK had no similar legislation on the way.

The government said in protecting workers’ rights the UK already « goes further than the EU in many areas ».

8.30pm update: Nicola Sturgeon fury as independent Scotland would be snubbed like Kosovo in Spain

Nicola Sturgeon’s independent Scotland will be treated in the same way as Kosovo by Spain, a legal expert has told

Spain’s 3-1 win over Kosovo in Wednesday night’s World Cup qualifier was embroiled in controversy. Kosovo’s name was written in lower-case letters on TV and media due to the Spanish not recognising their independence.

Kosovo broke away from Serbia in 2008 and, after a period playing only friendly games, the national team was finally accepted as a UEFA and FIFA member in 2016.

The country made its debut in World Cup qualification in 2016 but after five years, Spain is still not accepting Kosovo as its own country.

On social media, many strongly criticised the move.

Football Joe wrote on Twitter: « Because Spain does not recognise Kosovo independence, their name is being written in lower-case letters for tonight’s game.

« Beyond petty. »

Spain is now one of just a handful of countries yet to recognise Kosovo as a state, with China, Russia, Greece, Slovakia and Romania holding a similar position.

In an exclusive interview with, Mar Aguilera Vaqués, professor of constitutional law at the University of Barcelona, argued that if Scotland becomes independent, it would be treated in the same way by the Spanish government.

7pm update: Britons react as Germany deports three British electricians ‘UK should do the same!’

Britons have responded after three British electricians were deported from Germany as they called for Boris Johnson to follow Angela Merkel’s lead.

Three men from Hornchurch were working in Germany but were deported after authorities in Stuttgart discovered they had the incorrect paperwork.

Following the story, readers claimed the UK should do the same as Germany and remove anyone who is working illegally.

One person said: « So immigrants illegally working in another country get thrown out, we need to do the same not criticise. »

A second said: « It’s their own fault.

« Worked illegally in Germany and paid no taxes and did not have a residence permit.

« Every country in the world throws such people out. »

A third said: « Fair enough, it is just a pity our country doesn’t do the same. »

Brexit news: Angela Merkel’s government deported the electricians (Image: GETTY)

5.22pm update: Brexit POLL: Do you think Boris has ‘surrendered’ the UK’s fishing waters to the EU?

Boris Johnson faced the wrath of fishermen up and down the country when he announced the terms of his post-Brexit trade deal with the EU, and campaigners are still fighting for the industry they say he « sacrificed ».

Do you think his deal effectively surrenders UK waters to Brussels?

4.35pm update: ‘Each and every one of us owns it’ Fury as UK ‘surrenders’ fishing waters to EU

Boris Johnson’s decision to « surrender » the UK’s fishing waters in the post-Brexit trade agreement with the European Union has been slammed by a former Brexit Party MEP.

June Mummery told the UK Government handed over Britain’s most sustainable and renewable resources to the European Union during the negotiations over the post-Brexit trade agreement. The former Brexit Party MEP also questioned what the UK gained by agreeing to the terms on fishing with the trading bloc.

Ms Mummery said: « We surrendered the UK’s most sustainable, renewable resource which is owned by each and every one of us as a public asset.

« So we handed that over but what did we actually get for that?

« They are stopping shellfish from going over the border and people are saying ‘well hang on a minute the other countries cannot do it’ but did those other countries hand over one of their most valuable resources?

« No, they did not but we did. »

3.32pm update: DUP minister raises Protocol concerns with representative of Biden administration

Northern Ireland’s Agriculture Minister has expressed his concerns over the Northern Ireland Protocol in a meeting with a representative of the IS Administration.

Edwin Poots held talks with Bryan Wockley, the acting US consul general in Belfast, to discuss the post-Brexit Irish Sea trading arrangements.

The DUP minister is a prominent critic of the Northern Ireland Protocol, warning new checks and processes are impacting on the region’s agri-food sector.

He wanted to ensure the US administration was « fully apprised of the challenges faced by agri-food businesses and the public ».

Mr Poots said: « I highlighted the concerns I am hearing from businesses about the impact the protocol is having and stressed that NI’s agri-food sector continues to be disproportionately affected.

« We need permanent solutions to the issues and I will continue to push the UK Government and EU to make sure that Northern Ireland’s businesses and people are not disadvantaged. »

Brexit news: Boris Johnson’s decision to « surrender » the UK’s fishing waters with the EU has been slammed (Image: GETTY)

Paul Withers taking over live reporting from James Bickerton.

2:31pm update: EU farce! UK invested £21m in AstraZeneca plant after Dutch refused– shipments now blocked

The Dutch government refused to invest in an AstraZeneca vaccines plant in its own country – while Britain pumped in more than £20million to boost production.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte turned down an offer to help finance an expansion at the Halix plant, which makes around five million doses a month of the Oxford-produced jab.

The factory has been at the centre of a cross-Channel row over immunisation supplies after it was claimed AstraZeneca had used the firm to fulfil its order with the UK Government.

Brussels is furious at the Anglo-Swedish group after it slashed its expected shipments to member states.

1:42pm update: Brussels’ vaccine blockade threat against UK eroded as EU state REFUSED to invest in jabs

EU threats of a jabs blockade on Britain have been massively undermined after it emerged their own side refused to invest in the factory at the centre of the vaccine war.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte snubbed a plea from Oxford University for £8.5million in funding to boost production of the AstraZeneca jab on the Continent.

When the request was made, at the start of the pandemic in April last year, British taxpayers had already invested more than £21million into the Halix plant in the Netherlands.

In a letter to the Hague, Oxford experts warned the EU would suffer supply shortages this year if it didn’t help boost domestic production.

Sir Keir Starmer has ruled out taking Britain back into the EU (Image: GETTY)

12.30pm update: Sir Keir Starmer finally accepts Brexit as he rules out Britain rejoining EU

Sir Keir Starmer has finally admitted defeat and accepted Britain will not rejoin the EU.

The Labour leader, who had never completely ruled out the idea of a second referendum, said it is now time to embrace the post-Brexit reality.

He said: « We’ve left. We are no longer a member of the EU. We’ve got a deal, we’ve got to make that deal work.

11:39am update: ‘No one wants to sign a contract with them!’ EU to ‘get fewer vaccines’ after row

Andrew Bridgen MP has blasted the EU vaccine rollout and insisted the bloc is now seen as a « difficult customer » by the big drug manufacturers.

The Brexiteer has said the European Commission is at fault for the supply shortage that has crippled Europe’s Covid vaccination programme.

Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has been at the centre of a bitter contract dispute with Brussels amid EU failure to secure adequate doses of the vaccine.

Mr Bridgen argued the row now means the EU is going to get fewer vaccines because no drug manufacturer will want to do business with them.

10:21am update: ‘EU never wastes crisis!’ Brussels tipped to use vaccine chaos to INCREASE power over EU27

The European Union has been tipped to use its chaotic Covid vaccine rollout programme to « increase and centralise » power, with one critic warning: « Brussels never wastes a crisis. »

The EU has been shamed over its vaccination programme, which has been hit by red tape that has left the powerful bloc facing blistering attacks over the sluggish speed at which it is vaccinating its 450 million citizens.

This has been triggered by a bitter war of words with vaccine maker AstraZeneca over supply and production issues, which has left the EU scrambling for ways to save any available vaccines.

Last month, more than half of the remaining 27 EU member states suspended their use of the AstraZeneca jab citing concerns over a small number of patients experiencing blood clots.

The Daily Express campaigned strongly for Brexit (Image: EXPRESS )

09:07am update: Rutte told to quit as Dutch PM after censure by MPs ‘If I were him, I would not continue’

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been urged to quit after the country’s House of Representatives passed a motion disapproving of his behaviour – and concluded he had « not spoken the truth ».

And the result not only weaken the long-serving leader, but emboldens those pushing for the Netherlands to following the UK’s example by quitting the EU with a so-called Nexit – with one suggesting the 54-year-old was “nothing more than a Merkel puppet”.

MP have called for a new independent investigator to oversee preliminary talks into the formation of a new government following the March 17 election, in which Mr Rutte’s conservative VVD party took the most votes.

08:03am update: Brexit scaremongering destroyed! EU shamed over blaming UK for vaccine chaos: ‘Disgrace!’

Brexit scaremongering from the European Union has been destroyed, with one critic launching a stinging attack against Brussels over its attempts to deflect the blame onto the UK over its chaotic vaccine rollout.

Britain finally completed its full departure from the EU at the end of last year, much to the constant frustration and anger of several EU bureaucrats.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed Brexit as an opportunity to flourish outside of EU rules and regulations, while embracing the nation’s newfound sovereignty.

Britain has already provided a vaccine dose to around half of the 67 million population, and is on course to vaccinate every adult by the end of July, with the country now easing out of its current lockdown.

07:30am update: New graph SHAMES Brussels – More than half of Britons jabbed vs EU’s embarrassing 13%

New Covid data has pointed out just how slow the EU’s rollout of the vaccine is, with the bloc having immunised less than a quarter of the UK’s total.

Europe continues to come under fire for its slow vaccination programme, with even the World Health Organisation (WHO) branding the roll-out « unacceptably slow ».

A new graph has highlighted just how far behind the bloc has fallen, when compared to the UK and the US.

The EU’s vaccination rate remains far behind the UK and other parts of the world, with just 13.4 percent of adults in the bloc having had at least one shot, according to Europe’s vaccine tracker.

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